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Frequently Asked Questions



Do you accept insurance?

We currently do not accept insurance.  We can provide billing statements for your to submit to your insurance company for insurance reimbursement.  All fees must be paid in full at the time of your appointment.


How long are my appointments?

Appointment time depends on the service being provided.  The first appointment of most services usually lasts 2 hours and includes a detailed health history, evaluation and initial recommendations to get you started on your way to better health.

Follow up appointments are 45 minutes – 1 hour long.  They include evaluation of strategies and protocols implemented since the last session and potentially new recommendations. These follow-up appointments are vital to the longevity of the health changes you are creating.


What Conditions Do You Treat?

We do not treat any conditions.  In the functional wellness and natural healing model we support the overall health of the individual.  We focus on supporting organ and tissue function to restore vitality.  Our comprehensive approach evaluates all elements of an individual to give them a plan that works for their personal needs.  We are not dis-ease oriented.  We are wellness focused.  Our intent is to grasp the organic causes of physiological manifestations.  By doing this we can balance the rhythm of body processes and shift you toward a healthier path.


What Should I Bring?

It is very helpful for us if you could spend ample time preparing for your appointment by creating a list of all the supplements an herbs you are taking, questions you may have, test results and primary care physician contact information.  Please do not bring all of your supplements with you.


What Should I Wear?

Always be comfortable.  Wear loose fitting clothing for body treatments and consults.  For exercise please wear appropriate exercise pants, short, supportive wear and sneakers.


Can I bring my child to the appointment?

This time is all about you and your health. Take time to arrange for childcare as we work to create the health you’d like to see.


Are Cell Phones and other technology welcome?

We like to unplug ourselves from the latest technology during our client consults.  By doing this we release ourselves from energy that is often unhealthy for the balance of our body.  During your time with us we will possibly include some meditation, deep breathing and grounding work to pull you back into the comfort of your balanced self.


Is natural wellness a healthier option?

Yes it is.  Plants and foods are a relatively safe options for creating positive health changes.  They must be used in appropriate quantities and quality to achieve the desired affect.  Plants are nature’s natural substances that alter human genetic expression, which in turn allows us to withstand disease and stress in our living environment.  Plants and humans have a synergistic relationship that can produce biochemical effects as they live together.  Thus being said, we have the ability to alter our cellular activity with non-toxic, natural elements, build health, support processes and longevity.  Conventional drugs serve to mask a symptom and should be used in moderation and in the right context when they are indeed necessary.  However the side effects and toxicities associated with modern drugs can be demanding on the body and creating deeper imbalances.


What types of diet changes will I need to make?

First and foremost we will never force you to “diet” or create changes that you are just not willing to commit to.  The first order of change begins with compliance.  If you are not comfortable with a regiment you certainly will not stick with it for the long haul.  So our first objective is to clarify your options and work with you to develop a nutrition program that supports your wellness goals.  Your program is entirely developed with you at the center of the paradigm.  Therefore, no two programs are alike and your plan cannot be clearly identified prior to meeting with you.  I can say that you will feel healthier, lighter, happier and energetic after being on it.


Why see an Herbalist?

Herbs (plants with medicinal quality) have been used traditionally to nudge the body toward wellness.  Herbs have the potential to create huge shifts in ones health patterns and creating a new engram. Herbs are beautiful plants that grow in your environment often in the most unrealistic of places.  Each plant is so uniquely different that it takes a trained individual to match the plant to the person.  Herbalists are trained to understand the complexities of plant chemistry, herb-drug interactions, dosage, proper usage, traditional wisdom in usage and quality of sourcing.  Seeking the advice of a trained herbalist will help you find the most appropriate individual herbal formula that can support your specific condition.


Do I have to stop taking my prescription medication or discontinue other therapies?

Absolutely not. No prescription medication should ever be abruptly discontinued. We advise our clients to make any changes in prescription medication under the supervision of their doctor.


Is Holistic Wellness Safe?

Using plants and foods to create wellness in the body has been practiced for centuries and is how we have lived and thrived prior to modern medicine.  It is a traditional wisdom that has been passed down by our ancestors.  Scientific research has highlighted the great benefits of healthy foods and herbs for positive outcome in numerous studies.  When used correctly by a knowledgeable and informed practitioner, you can and will receive amazing positive results.  In my practice I scrutinize every detail of your health with the specific intention of minimizing any potential reaction or interaction.  I use quality herb and supplement sources that follow GMP and FDA standards.

Cancellation policy

Please provide us with a 48 hour cancellation notice.  This is ample time for us to fill your space with waiting clients.