Lucca Amel Wellness

Lucca Amel is a complimentary and functional wellness company offering nutrition, lifestyle and fitness programs to support longevity and quality of life.  We strategically focus on the total health of our clients beginning with a comprehensive analyzation of individual’s previous health history, current lifestyle and future goals. We also use traditional diagnosis of tongue, face, nails, and skin.  The tools we use to persuade balance are food, herbs, spiritual meditation, fitness and detox programs.  We see the body as a perfectly working entity that can get out of balance when we overload it with toxins, negative energy, negative emotion, poor food choices and lack of movement.

Our objective is to offer people a more central locus of control over their health by teaching and educating.  We aim to create a healthy paradigm around concepts of health, beauty and fitness.  Our company believes that when you support the health of an individual, you are supporting the health of an entire community.  This approach allows for a broader health transformation on our planet which will result in a healthier environment, healthy babies and children, healthier partners, healthier eating habits and increased activity levels overall in our communities, families and cultures.

Regardless of your path here on earth, you should be equipped with the knowledge you need to live a happy, healthy, beautiful experience.  These are gifts that must be cultivated.  We teach you how to nourish your innate bliss and health.