Our Philosophy




Functional wellness is a powerful concept in the holistic wellness model.  With this natural approach we seek to examine physiological processes and symptomatic manifestations before disease and pathology are identified. This allows for a greater healing capacity by incorporating the benefits of nutrition in your life.  Using this model we are able to examine clinical imbalances, address symptoms, and evaluate functionality.  Our emphasis is on enhancing client wellness by supporting the complex interaction of the entire mind and body system, engaging both the client and practitioner in symbiotic partnership to work toward meeting health goals.  Our therapeutic interventions include lifestyle, nutrition, enjoyable activity and exercise, sleep, and body treatments.  We offer a highly individualized, multifactorial approach, bridging traditional knowledge with conventional research to address all avenues of your health and fully restore and strengthen your core vitality.  Our approach recognizes that each client is biologically and individually unique with a variety of genetic and internal/external factors.



We are biologically individual human organisms that are capable of performing multiple functions.  In seconds, our cells are sending rapid signals and relaying information to one another to maintain intracellular balance and systemic homeostasis.  It’s when we fall out of balance that we acknowledge the sophistication of our system.  When we are out of balance we receive signals that can include but are not limited to:  Headache, tingling in arms or hands, ringing of the ear, sneezing, etc.

The symptoms are limitless.  I’m sure that you can come up with your own list of occurrences that happen to you on a fairly regular basis when you are not following a diet that incorporates nutrition.  They serve as signs of impending internal disturbances.  If we pay attention to the cues we can correct the imbalance before its development impinges on overall health.



You are exactly as you were created to be.  We support you as a whole person including mind, body and spirit, just as you uniquely are.



Awareness begins with simply opening your eyes and minds to the world around us, and peering beyond your immediate distractions. It is not enough to assume that the world we live in is healthy, safe, sustainable, fair and or organic.  We teach our clients to pay detailed attention to symptoms and manifestations by taking a mental note or journaling them.  This forces each of us to live presently in everyday activities.  Our clients also learn to listen with intention, read nutrition labels and live comfortably with the changing seasons.  When you become more perceptive you begin to feel a sense of empowerment over your health and prosperity.



It is our goal to move closer to living in harmony with the seasons.  Life is an ebb and flow of rhythm and rest, dark and light.  Using nature as a primal guide we are constantly re-educating ourselves to move away from a machine laden hectic lifestyle towards a more environmentally conscious model.  Examples of this are: eating mindfully and according to the seasons, wearing color appropriate seasonal wear, choosing organic and natural over processed, sleeping during periods of dark and rising with the light.  Living in harmony with nature for us means better health as well as a more sustainble ecosystem.



In our modern day society, when we talk about health we often refer to treating disease.  Dis-ease is a natural process manifests is various ways as the body’s systems are weakened and must work harder to maintain homeostasis.  This can lead to a series of immediate reactions including fatigue, fever, pain and inflammation.  In natural health we do not fight dis-ease.  Instead we support the wellness of the body by strengthening regulatory systems, enhancing organ function and supporting the body in flushing toxins.  Health is naturally restored when functional wellness is the primary goal.