LPP – Lipoprotein particle Test

Lipoprotein particle testing is a comprehensive look at various biomarkers for cardiovascular disease.  Research shows that the lipoprotein particles that carry the cholesterol throughout the body, not necessarily the cholesterol within them, that are responsible for key steps in plaque production and the resulting development of cardiovascular disease.  Our testing includes not only LDL, but also particle size, number and various inflammatory markers, which provides a more thorough assessment for cardiovascular disease.

It is best to fast before having this test done.

LPP Assessment includes:

*  Lipoprotein Fractionation                                   *  Total Cholesterol                                   *  HS-C- Reactive Protein

*  Lipoprotein particle number                               *  LDL Cholesterol                                     *  Homocysteine

*  Apolipoprotein B                                                      *  HDL Cholesterol                                     *  Insulin

*  Lipoprotein (a)                                                          *  Triglycerides