Clinical Nutrition



You will receive a comprehensive nutritional evaluation to help you in achieving overall wellness.  We believe that food is natural medicine and can create change in the chemical composition of the body.  Everything we consume has a direct effect on the body. It’s important to get enough dense, quality nutrition in the body so that it works optimally and can carry out daily processes.  We also take into consideration environmental factors in which the foods we recommend were produced.  We don’t deny you of the fun foods.  We do however suggest nutritious alternatives & work with you to implement small changes that create big effects on your health, body weight and overall stamina. We do a full assessment of face, tongue, pulse as well as full analysis of medical history, lifestyle and living environment.


  • Elderly
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Athletes
  • Women
  • Men



  • Personalized meal plans specific to your needs
  • Recommendations for choosing healthy food sources
  • Support and monitoring by a caring consultant
  • Personal evaluation of eating habits
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Supporting healthy aging processes
  • Modulating caloric intake and improvement of weight management & nutrition
  • Supporting healthy hormonal balance
  • Enhancing mental cognition, memory, concentration and retention
  • Supporting the vital health of organ & tissue function
  • Improved athletic performance

Initial Consult $120.00

Follow-up:       $75.00

Grocery Store Education Tour:  $75.00 (1 hr)